Introducing Visionix VX650—the first and only device with multi-modal anterior segment analysis and retinal screening in a single unit

VX650 Anterior and posterior analysis


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Luneau Technology USA introduces a comprehensive multi-modal assessment device to help clinicians identify and detect the early signs of visual and ocular pathologies

Bensenville, IL: Continuing a string of new product launches, Luneau Technology is pleased to introduce a unique and advanced ocular measuring device with retinal screening called the Visionix® VX650. It is a highly automated, multi-modal device that can deliver a comprehensive eye exam in minutes.

With the push of a button, the operator of this device can retrieve precise screening data on the entire anterior and posterior eye segments to identify and detect the early signs of cataracts, glaucoma, retinal and corneal pathologies. Unlike other devices on the market, only the Visionix VX650 can offer early detection of anterior and posterior ocular pathologies in a single device. This allows a clinician to identify a patient’s symptoms early on and to monitor them by staying on top of their ocular health. The VX650 also offers effective detection and management of keratoconus which can help build a scleral lens practice.

Comprehensive screening data in minutes

The VX650 boasts the combined technologies of a 45-degree fundus camera along with topography, wavefront aberrometry, tomography and retinal screening. These enhancements allow it to quickly evaluate both the anterior and posterior eye segments. By using the VX650 for ocular health screening on patients in the pre-test room, an eyecare professional (ECP) can improve their workflow efficiency and highlight those issues that need additional clinical testing. It is so efficient it can decrease a patient’s movement and time in the pre-test room while still providing a comprehensive eye exam. Data results are accurate and reproducible, regardless of operator competency, and can be made available for HIPAA-compliant data sharing onsite and remotely. A licensed practitioner can review data collected from the VX650 by a technician from anywhere.

All the clinical benefits of multiple instruments in one device

“The clinical value of the VX650 puts comprehensive anterior and posterior segment data at your fingertips,”says Melissa Renfrow, a Clinical Application Specialist at Luneau Technology. “Our product engineers found a way to incorporate seven devices into one instrument to give you unmatched clinical versatility, and all the screening data you need for an effective patient consultation.” She is working with a doctor who implemented the VX650 into her practice. “One of her patients thought she knew everything because she had this depth of data available to her during the consultation, and so it elevated the patient’s perception of her as a provider,” she explains.

The VX650 combines test modalities that have previously been available from multiple instruments into just one adjustable instrument table that measures 20’ by 32’. By incorporating seven instruments into one, Luneau Technology has engineered a unique device that can provide all the data you need. ECPs who are interested in learning more about the VX650 or any other Visionix technology, please reach out to to book a virtual demo and ROI consultation.

Who can benefit from the VX650?

The Visionix VX650 is a perfect device for a private practice or multispecialty practice, a corporate retail optical, government clinic or university clinic. Because it is EMR-ready, the VX650 allows clinicians to access patient data from a secured computer interface in another room or office. This functionality makes it an ideal choice for practice owners who are interested in a remote-ready model and an asset for cold start openings and multiple locations. Optional add-ons include a wifi-enabled Samsung tablet and table for a lens analyzer.

Together with Visionix’s Eye Refract system, an ECP can now perform a comprehensive ocular exam and refraction in just ten minutes. With this efficient setup, they can impress patients and garner positive online reviews for their practice. If a cold start practice introduces Luneau Technology’s automated and integrated technologies, they do not immediately need to have a full-time optometrist on site.

Since the VX650 is an emerging technology, independent practices can brand themselves as a “high tech” optical or position their practice as a “modern clinic”. ECPs who are interested in learning more about the VX650 or any other Visionix technology, please reach out to to book a virtual demo and ROI consultation.

About Luneau Technology

Luneau Technology USA ( is the exclusive sales, service, and education provider for Visionix®, Briot® and Weco® brands, as well as the new Nexy retinal screening device. With the backing of its global organization, Luneau Technology Group, it is a trusted partner to eye care professionals, providing advanced technology platforms to improve and extend eye care.

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