The VX65 is an advanced digital refraction system that integrates with the Visionix suite of equipment as well as electronic medical records (EMR) and third-party instruments. Integrated Visionix solutions support a seamless data integration between multiple exams and locations.

Rest assured, you can Safely see patients

Patient and provider safety. VX65 is a tablet-driven phoropter that can help to minimize disruption as you return to refracting patients.

Cable-free, wireless tablet operation allows you to perform refraction at a safe distance from the patient—six-feet away, next door or from a different office.

Workflow efficiency. VX65 was designed to tackle the toughest workloads 20 refractions per day, 300 days per year for 10 years. That is 60,000 times less you need to bend over a manual phoropter turning dials and knobs, potentially eliminating repetitive stress injuries to your shoulder.

Digital refraction also eliminates time spent on clean-up and accessory organization.

Fast and easy adoption. With three tablet interface modes, including a guided “manual mode” for someone new to digital refractors. The VX65 phoroptor ensures a seamless integration and implementation into your existing workflow.

Reduce adoption time for new users


Learn how the VX65 helps you maintain social distancing guidelines from a safe and ergonomic position.

Dr. Adam Farkas, Dr. Jordan Jones, and Melissa Renfrow discuss the Visionix VX65 Digital Phoropter and how it benefits Optometrists in the age of social distancing.

The VX65 has been design and tested to perform 60,000 refractions while maintaining reliability.

VX65 Auto Phoropter Features

  • Sphere:-29.00 to 26.75D
  • Cylinder:0~+-6.00D
  • PD:52-80 Far
  • Working Distance 35-70cm
  • Rotary Prism Lens: 0-20Delta
  • Cross Cylinder Lens: +- 0.25D
  • Fixed Cross Cylinder Lens: +-0.50D
  • Retinoscopic Lens: +1.5D, +2D
  • Auxillary Lenses: Red/Green, Pin Hole, Polarizing, Split(Dissociation)
VX65 Digital Refraction System
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VX22 Acuity Chart Features

  • 22″ LED lit display with circular polarization
  • VESA 100×100 universal mounting bracket
  • Ideal for both low vision patients and those with hyperacuity to low vision(ETDRS)
  • Color blindness charts
  • Testing distance range from 6.5ft to 19.6ft
  • Wireless remote control
  • Glare testing
  • Sharp binocular analysis
  • Tablet control and EMR integration when coupled with the VX65

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