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Our featured speakers share the practical application of our technologies to improve outcomes, efficiency, and scalability. 


Short step-by-step clips to help optimize the use of your devices—straight from the team behind our product innovation. 


Eye Care Professionals, like yourself, share their firsthand experience and knowledge on using Luneau Technology’s products in their practices. 

Published work:

A collection of our published work in industry publications like ARVO Journals, BMC Opthalmology, etc.

On Demand Webinars

OCT Angiography with Dr. Julie Rodman

OCT Angiography: Age Related Macular Degeneration

Introduction to Telehealth (Part 2)

Introduction to Telehealth (part 2): On-Demand, Patient Centric Care

Introduction to Telehealth (Part 1)

Introduction to Telehealth (part 1): Redefining the Role of the Optometrist as Primary Care Doctor for the Eye

OCT Angiography: How to Apply the Data Clinically for Diabetes Management

OCT Angiography: How to Apply the Data Clinically for Diabetes Management

Introducing the Wellness Exam Scan

Reimagine eye care: Introducing an integrated telehealth approach to expand your reach

Reimagine eye care: Grow and scale your practice with wavefront-based technology

Digital transformation: Elevating the patient experience with wavefront lens analysis

Reimagine Eye Care: Refining the role of your Tech to grow your practice.

Digital transformation: How new technology can optimize efficiencies for a busy practice.

Reimagine Eye Care Webinar

Reimagine Eye Care: How to thrive, transform and scale your practice.

Dr. Rasa Vision Expo Webinar

Revolutionize eye care - how to implement a scalable patient care experience

Digital transformation - how to future proof your practice and stay ahead of changing times

Standardizing your Dry Eye Screening with the VX120+ Dry Eye

Digital transformations in Vision Care - where to begin

Are you practicing at the top of your license?

How and why to edge lenses in-house

Revolutionize your practice - boost the optical experience


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