Why Choose the Attitude Wavefront Lens Analyzer / Tracer / Blocker?

Gravitech® Patented Optical Tracing

A revolutionary new way to trace lenses, the Gravitech optical tracing system uses the gravity point on the lens in conjunction with a high resolution optical trace of the lens to accurately translate the shape in all dimensions.

Integrated Drilling*

Never before has it been easier to do drill mount work, with Gravitech®, you don’t have to waste time manually programming drill mounts. Just scan the demo lens and the drill mount holes are instantly recognized with minimal adjustment needed.


*Feature not available on Perception 2 Groove

Tracers and Layout Blockers

Intuitive Camera-based Lens Blocking

The Gravitech® parallax-free camera blocking has been simplified to 3 easy steps that help eliminate the possiblity of human error during the blocking process.



  • Patented Gravitech® optical lens tracer
  • Patented Truscan® angled high base curve wrap frame tracer
  • 3D traces using gravity to interpolate the z-axis of the lens
  • Traces demo lenses and patterns with amazing speed, accuracy, and precision
  • Wavefront progressive lens analysis, an industry first
  • Easy positioning of the frame
  • Gentle frame realignment during clamping operation
  • Frame thickness and groove position tracing for achieving a flawless fit
  • Backward compatibility with ALTA lens edging systems
  • Memory to store 5000 jobs(10000 shapes)
  • Parallax and prism-free camera blocking
  • Easy, one finger operation
  • Completely automatic blocking
  • Eliminates human error from manual blocking
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Briot Attitude Wavefront Lens Analyzer / Tracer / Blocker

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