Briot Attitude GTS Lab Tracer

Attitude GTS Lab Tracer

The Atittude GTS is the most advanced lab tracer on the market. With features such as our patented Gravitech® Optical Tracing system and our Truescan® High-base frame tracing, it is one of the most accurate and reliable tracing systems on the market. Capable of tracing nearly any frame or demo lens, the Attitude GTS is also one of the fastest tracers available with a throughput of up to 100 frames per hour.

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Other Tracers and Blockers

Attitude Wavefront auto blocker / lens analyzer

While numerous improvements have been made to the Briot Attitude Edger, our most innovative features have been included in the tracer / blocker. The Attitude truly changes the game by being the first tracer / blocker to integrate wavefront lens analysis in the device.

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ALTA EVOLUTION Tracer / Blocker

The Alta Evolution is equipped with Gravitech®, a revolutionary new optical tracing system. With the inclusion of a HD camera assisted blocking mechanism, tracing and layout is a breeze.

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The Briot Scan 8 is the most advanced mechanical tracer on the market. With its patented TruScan® Angled stylus, the Scan 8 can trace even the toughest wrap frames with ease.

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Tracers and Blockers Feature Matrix

 Attitude GTSAttitudeAlta EvolutionScan 8
Camera Assisted BlockingNot ApplicableYesYesNot Applicable
Automatic DecentrationNot ApplicableYesYesNot Applicable
3D TracingYesYesYesYes
Automatic Drill Point RecognitionYesYesYes
Touch Screen InterfaceYesYesYesYes
Blocking MethodNot ApplicableFully AutomaticCamera Assisted
Manual Blocking
Not Applicable
Gravitech® Optical TracingYesYesYes
TruScan® High Base Curve Frame TracerYesYesYes
Smart Design Shape CreationYesYesYes
Wavefront Power Mapping Lens AnalysisN/AYes

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