Why Choose the Attitude?

Smart Design Milling

The Smart Design milling tool can reproduce highly complex shapes with amazing accuracy.

Truly Angled Shelf Bevel

The Briot Attitude is one of the first edging systems to incorporate a true angled shelf bevel for fitting high base-curve frames.

Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Clips

With Chemistrie, you can add an additional revenue stream that seperates yourself from the competition.

Customer Testimonials



  • One of the fastest lens edgers on the market.
  • Process nearly any job type to avoid having to send out costly jobs to labs.
  • Superior quality of finish and polish provides a premium look and feel that you can be proud of.
  • Smart Design shape customization.
    Wavefront Power-mapping technology for lens analysis and verification.
  • Shelf Bevel to easily process high base-curve wrap frames.
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