Why Choose the Alta Evolution Lens Edging System?

Fully Guided Mini Bevel

90mm diameter wheels can perform bevels that larger wheels cannot. Achieve the best aesthetics with full bevel width and height control, especially in thin metal frames..

Variable Angled Drilling and Grooving

No two frames are exactly alike. With a dynamically adjustable drilling / grooving tool up to 30° and Briot’s Best-Fit® Technology, the Alta Evolution lens edger ensures that the lens has an exceptional finish.

Speedy and Reliable Brushless Motors

Edge faster and more efficiently with less noise using the Alta Evolution’s new Brushless motor technology and ditch the need for a 220v power line.



  • Industrial grade brushless Motor for fast and quiet operation.
  • Dynamically adjustable lens drilling / grooving tool up to 30°
  • Shelf Bevel to easily process high base-curve wrap frames.
  • Four 90mm wheels that edge all materials including CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex®, High-Index, and Glass.
  • Integrated drilling functions including countersunk holes, notches, blind, and oblong holes. 
  • Front and backside lens curvature measurement accuracy of 50 microns.
  • Variable chuck pressure based on lens material and coatings.
  • Visual preview of lens before starting the roughing cycle.
  • Front and backside safety bevel.
  • 5 different grooving modes including Percentage, Base curve, Controlled Bevel, and Automatic.
  • 5 different bevel program modes including Percentage, Base curve, Controlled Bevel, and Automatic.
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Alta Evolution Patterless Lens Edging System

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