Why Choose the Emotion 2 All-in-one Lens Edging System?

Gravitech® Patented Optical Tracing

A first for the Emotion Series, Gravitech powered tracing enables you to easile trace a demo lens in under 4 seconds! It’s exceptional accuracy and precision produces results that are superior to a traditional mechanical tracer.

Emotion 2 Fixed Angle Drilling

Integrated Drilling

Never before has it been easier to do drill mount work, with Gravitech®, you don’t have to waste time manually programming drill mounts. Just scan the demo lens and the drill mount holes are instantly recognized with minimal adjustment needed.

Camera-based Blocking

Intuitive Camera-based Lens Blocking

The Gravitech® parallax-free camera blocking has been simplified to 3 easy steps that help eliminate the possiblity of human error during the blocking process.



  • Gravitech® patented tracing technology
  • Grinding wheel for beveling all materials
  • Automatic polishing of CR-39, Hi-Index, Trivex, and Polycarbonate
  • Intuitive Touch-screen icon based interface
  • Automatic internal/external safety bevel
  • Continuous 3D mapping
  • Grooving at fixed 10° angle
  • Superhydrophobic lens roughing process
  • Bevel programs: automatic, program guided, manual and flat
  • ALL-IN-ONE Tracing / Blocking / and Lens Edging
  • Integrated Drilling at 10° angle
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