Why Choose the Briot Couture?

The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

A revolution in optical finishing, Briot Couture carefully analyzes the
complete association between lens and frame, intelligently
predicting the possible tension points of the lens, and delivering
outstanding first-fit results.

Truly Angled Shelf Bevel

The Briot Couture incorporates a true angled shelf bevel for fitting high base-curve frames.

Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Clips

With Chemistrie, you can add an additional revenue stream that seperates yourself from the competition.



  • NEW TruFit 3D Virtualization allows you to simulate the lens inside the frame before edging, allowing you to minimize retouches and maximize your profit.
  • One of the fastest lens edgers on the market.
  • Process nearly any job type to avoid having to send out costly jobs to labs.
  • Superior quality of finish and polish provides a premium look and feel that you can be proud of.
  • Smart Design shape customization.
    Wavefront Power-mapping technology for lens analysis and verification.
  • Shelf Bevel to easily process high base-curve wrap frames.
  • TruScan High base curve frame tracing
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Premium Briot Lens Edger Feature ComparisonCoutureAttitude IIAttitude I
TracingGravitech® +
Gravitech® +
Gravitech® +
Safety BevelYesYesYes
Super-Hydrophobic Lens CycleYesYesYes
Small Eye Sizes <21mmYesYesYes
Color LCD DisplayYesYesYes
Touch Screen InterfaceYesYesYes
High Luster PolishYesYesYes
DrillingVariable 30°Variable 30°Variable 30°
Integrated Bar Code ScannerYesYesYes
High Volume EdgingYesYesYes
Wrap Frame ProcessingYesYesYes
High SpeedYesYesYes
Advanced Motor ControlsYesYesYes
Chemistrie® Processing InterfaceYesYesYes
Smart Design MillingVersion 2.0Version 2.0
Shelf BevelingYesYes
TruFit 3D Lens SimulationYes

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