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Visionix Eye Refract

Maximize staff time with intuitive, dynamic wavefront refraction

and K-readings!

New! Visionix VX65

Easy-to-use digital refraction system that meets social distancing demands

Visionix VX100 Series

Comprehensive and remote-ready all-in-one screening solutions

(inc. optional Dry Eye screening)


Retinal screener – optimized for telemedicine

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About Us

Luneau Technology USA is the exclusive sales, service and training provider of Briot, Weco, and Visionix brands. A pioneer in wavefront technology for the optical industry, our goal is to improve access to innovative technology that helps eye care professionals deliver even better patient care.

The Luneau Technology Group is a global company consisting of 10 wholly owned subsidiaries and over 170 distributors worldwide with state-of-the-art production facilities in France, Israel, and China.


As you develop your Recovery Plan, it will be essential to increase the speed of patient throughput to make up for canceled appointments. 

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